Joy Practitioner

Supporting people to live a joyful, honest yes life!

I help people do the brave,
wild and rebellious act of
This is a life filled with joy!

You are worth it!

Alive while living

My Sweet Loves, you already are beautifully alive inside. You are divinity, wisdom and truth covered up by some BS. That's the truth.  There's nothing wrong with you. There is something right with you, the real you. This is your beautiful, wild and wonderful life. You are worthy of being alive while living it!

I got you 

I'm guessing your life and body are talking to you...

There are some parts of your life and body that are calling out because they do not feel alive and full of joy. They probably feel afraid, stuck and dead.  They need some support, listening to and movement. Don't worry, I got you. You can be alive in your own beautiful life. 

You can do this!

What is an honest yes life?

It is living your life
in alignment with who you really are.

We don't just need to hold up our socks and ask if it gives us joy, we need to hold up our whole lives and ask this important question. What gives us joy is us being in alignment with what is truthful to our own beautiful selves. It's giving an honest yes and an honest no. It's clearing out what blocks our beautiful selves from our own freedom. It's moving from surviving to thriving. It's living in our bodies, with people and in this world with the love, connection and the honesty that is within us. This is leading an honest yes life. It is a life filled with joy.

I help people to listen to their

beautiful bodies

knowing self

I LOVE the body so much. It is our greatest truth talking asset that tells it like it is. When we learn how to stop being an %&*^% to it and actually listen with love and respect, it tells us everything. It's amazing!

erupting emotions

Our emotions are our alarm bells that are trying to wake us up to something truthful. When we don't listen and we try to shut this alarm bell off, it gets louder.  It also tries to get our attention in other ways. Why? Because it loves us and wants us to know our truth.

Heroic lives

Our life gives us epic challenges, mundane monotony, and astounding beauty and love. It gives us all of it. Why? Because, my Loves, this lifey thing we are all on, is a spiritual journey back to our own beautiful Selves. Life, in it's brutal kindness, is trying to teach us what we need to know for our own heroic journey, back to love.

We are not broken, ever! It doesn't matter how many terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things have happened to us. Deep inside we are whole, truth talking, amazing beings that are divinity and love. This True Self is just covered up. That's all. It is our privilege to listen to, honor and live in alignment with our Knowing Self.


“Working with Mehera changed my life!”

"Mehera's open-hearted way of being with people is a balm for the soul. Get ready to laugh and cry on your way to clarity and freedom!"

— Amber M.

We all need support

How can I support you?

What part of you feels alive? I want to celebrate and honor this? What part needs support? I got you. Schedule a call below and we can talk about it.

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Mehera helped me to see

''I was blind in my seeing of my own life. She helped me see beyond my stuck limitations to the expanse and beauty all around me that I couldn't see before. I am so grateful." 

-Veronica L.

We all need support

How can I help you?

It is important to find the right person for you. Let's talk so I can hear what you need and see if I am right for you.

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