I first want to say 

Thank you

I want to pay tribute to the many people I have learned from, who have guided me through change. I am doing my best to give the love, kindness, and truth telling that I have received from them. Thank you.

"Mehera is more than just a coach; she is a remarkable human being whose very existence is a testament to the transformative power of authenticity.

She 'walks the talk'.  She doesn't merely preach the principals of self-improvement and personal growth; she embodies them in every aspect of her life. Her genuine commitment to living a life in integrity serves as an inspiring example for all who have the fortune to know her." 
                           - Giovanna M.

What do people say?

Mehera was there for me

My child had died and my marriage was over. Mehera helped me through it all until I could love again, especially myself. 

I felt dead inside until now

I was stuck and so disconnected I didn't even know what I needed. Mehera listened, loved and guided me back to my Knowing Self. I felt alive again and trusted myself.

She doesn't believe my BullShit

If you want to stay stuck in your same old stories, don't come here. Mehera will not believe them. She believes you are free. 

"Mehera supported who I really am.

I have done so many different types of therapy and nothing I have ever done has helped me as much as this. She saw me as whole from the beginning. We just worked on uncovering what wasn't true anymore." 

-Ashley M.


“ Mehera Kleiner was the best coach or therapist I ever had.

I was deeply depressed when I started working with Mehera and thought that it was hopeless for me to ever be able to sustain happiness. With Mehera’s support, I was able to be happy again and gain confidence in my work and interpersonal relationships."
- Kristine Z.

Mehera helped me let go

“As a coach, Mehera is very insightful and proficient. She is adept, with years of practiced expertise.

She has gifted resources available at her fingertips and utilizes the many tools she has in her tool box. She and her office engages one in a safe arena with compassionate intercommunication to unpack the work needed to be addressed. I highly recommend Mehera!
- Andrea F. 

Mehera helped me to see

“Working alongside Mehera was the most wonderful journey that I have lived so far.

She doesn’t make you feel judged. She doesn’t treat you as the specialist who knows more. She just sits there with you and with so much love and compassion helps you see parts of yourself that you couldn’t see before that are holding you back. She is the eyes that help me see when I can’t get clear.”
Angie T.

She helped me see and honor myself

“Mehera is a deeply loving person who I always know I can call on. When I had a traumatic event in my life I called her. 

I was instantly aware of how much she has developed her ability to listen with her heart and respond in a way that both witnessed my ordeal and steadied me. She helped me see myself in it all, and see that I was still transmitting love, which was so important to me.  She gave me the sense of calm that I needed to make it through”
Grahm M.

My emotional Doula

“ Mehera is there for me when I needed support in my most challenging times. 

She helped me during my pregnancy with my second child. She helped me to see where I was stuck and how I had to begin to let go in order to have the best possible birthing experience. She was an emotional doula for me, offering me clarity in my time of need."
- Annie L.

Is this right for you?

If your being says hell yes!

If you don't want to stay stuck as f#ck!

If you don't want to be a victim any more!

If you want to love your own self & life!

If you are ready to be brave!

We all need support.

Research shows, that the most important factor, in someone rising after a challenge, is having a support system. We all need this. What support do you have and what support do you need?

You are worthy of love and support


What is true for you?

I totally believe that you know what support you need. What does it feel like in your body when you feel that inner yes or no? Listen within, see what it's saying. This work for me is an honest yes. My being tells me so.