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Hi. It's good to meet you.

A little more about me

I'm Mehera -
a truth talking, CREATIVE and
who believes
everything is for you, the Real you.

How can I help you through some
very challenging times back to your beautiful Self?
Oh Loves, I've walked this walk.  

It is so easy to talk about change and transformation, but when life actually asks us to do it, good God, it is so hard! How did I get into this work? Well, I was holding my limp, sick child in my arms on the bathroom floor. She was chronically ill, had a processing problem and had almost died. I was sick all the time and had insomnia. My husband was depressed. Our friend and neighbor had been murdered in his sleep and we avoided a terrorist bombing by a few minutes. I felt dead inside, but when I held my child that morning, I remembered a Ted talk I watched on gratitude. I looked around me and said: I'm grateful she's alive. 

I got off that bathroom floor. I took care of myself and I came alive!
(she was already fine)

Since then, I have supported over 4,000 humans through the many heroic challenges. We have used all of it to come back home to their Knowing Selves. They have come alive in their own beautiful lives. I am a certified coach through UCLA in Social and Emotional Arts, am a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, have studied The Work of Byron Katie, mindfulness and whole being through The Happiness Studies Institute. I am an artist and have a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I've created non-for profits around the world in community development and women's empowerment.  What has stayed the same, through any chapter of my life, is that I love the heroic act of being human. I aim to honor this through everything I have ever done.

I love the heroic act of being human.

What is a joy practitioner?

I made it up! I needed a name that was truthful to me and gave me joy. It is the most honest name I can call what I do. I wake up the joy of listening to your own truth talking Self.  I also help work on what blocks people from joy. We clear that %^&*^ up! What I hope for myself, and everyone that I get the privilege of working with, is that we live a life more and more in alignment with who we really are. This, for me, is a life filled with joy. It's an honest yes life that is truthful to our own beautiful Selves. I do everything I can to support this in me and in you. Why? Why not? We can do it. We are worthy of living a life filled with joy. 

Never without

Journal and pen

Fun Fact

I am a salsa dancer

probably listening to

The Moth

Favorite person

My kid. She is awesome!

My Bumper sticker

Reading is Sexy

A few things I beleive

When you realize the Truth, as the very core of your being, you are free."
              - Meher Baba

A few things I beleive

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."
                  - Anais Nin

Enjoy your beautiful life


What to do

The first thing to do is pause. Take a breath. Be kind and compassionate to yourself. 


What to do second?

Ask your beautiful, tender self what it needs right now? Listen. It will tell you.


What to do

Do it. Give yourself the kindness you are asking for. Get the blanket, the adventure, the rest or the right person to support you. You are totally worth it. 

She is extrordinary

“I can personally attest to the profound impact Mehera has had on my life. Through her guidance and unconditional support,

she helped me navigate some of the most challenging situations, masterfully guiding me to find the answers within. If you are ready to embark on a path of profound self-discovery and personal growth, Mehera is the guide you need. Embrace this opportunity to connect with your true self and unlock your fullest potential. She is not just a coach; she is an inspiring and powerful catalyst for transformation. I have no doubt that the experience you have with her will be life-changing and cherished forever."
- Maria E. 

We all need support

How can I help you?

It is important to find the right person for you. Let's talk so I can hear what you need and see if I am right for you.

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